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☆ミ みゆきーちゃん
in Wonderland
I'll For You [ Oneshot] 
5th-Dec-2008 12:38 am
Title: I’ll for you.
Author: Me
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-13?
Genre: Drama, AU, tragedy
Pairings: Slight Aoi/Ruki, Hazuki/Aoi
Bands: the GazettE, lynch.
Warning: ...this is loosely based off of a true event.

Synopsis: “It’s not safe there.”

“How is Hazuki doing?"  his hushed voice was nearly inaudible as he tugged the taller boy down to his level, “I heard he’s taking it bad.”

“He.... he’s been better, but I think he’ll be alright,” came the voice belonging to the taller, a frown marring his pierced lips.

“I’m worried...”

An absent hum paired with a small nod was the junior’s response before the senior tugged away from him, straightening up and winking slightly, “ne, don’t fret so much! Hazuki’s going to think you like him.”

For a moment the younger boy was silent, it seemed almost as though the words passed through one ear and slipped out the other and Aoi had to smirk ever so slightly. But it was just moments later the smaller caught on and punched his friend in the arm.

“Bastard! And actually, Hazuki likes you, yanno.”

“You’re not a girl, stop gossiping!” Aoi huffed, rolling his eyes slightly.

The senior turned quickly, walking away from his younger friend and entirely missing the dejected look in his eyes as he slipped into the school building.

“But Aoi...he told me he loves you...”


Don’t go to school tomorrow.

“What kind of greeting is THAT?” the teen snorted, pulling the phone away from his ear just long enough to cast a suspicious look in its direction.

Just don’t go.

“Idiot, I can’t skip school!”

It’s not safe, stay home.”

The line went dead then, causing him to blink in surprise. It certainly hadn’t been the phone conversation he was expecting. Shaking his head ever so slightly the dark haired boy dropped the phone onto it’s receiver.

With a final glance to the telephone Aoi turned, darting up the stairs two at a time.


“Shut up, Ruki,” the taller boy snapped, playfully shoving said boy, his best friend.

“But really, he liiikes you,” snickered the red and black haired student, all the while he managed to duck his companions fist.

Glancing down at his watch Ruki’s eyes doubled in size. It was 10:03, the next class period resumed in two minutes and he was on the wrong floor.

“Get to class, baby,” Aoi teased, watching the smaller student run towards the nearest stair case.

However before the boy could pass the door Aoi whistled sharply, lifting one of the bags from the floor and hurling it in direction of the impatient boy only to hear a grunt of pain as the heavy bag was caught, “run Ruki run!”

Heaving his own back from the floor the raven himself turned, walking down the empty hall way.


Ruki hummed to a rock song programmed into his mind as he climbed to the third floor. In the distance he heard a sharp bang, but in his hurry the sound was brushed off with a short chant of “late, late, late.”

A triumphant grin spread over the small boys face when the door to the third floor came into view. Making a mad dash for said door and bursting through it a call of ‘woohoo’ erupted from the red and black heads mouth.

Just as he thought he would make it to class on time Ruki crashed into another body, crying out in protest that was drowned out by the wailing bell. Luckily he looked up just before he threw a fit, causing a wide grin to spread over his features.

“HAZUKI!” Ruki grinned, throwing his arms around the taller boy awkwardly in a one sided hug, however his enthusiasm faded when the gesture was ignored.

“Hey man it’s okay! I’m here and Aoi’s here, we’ll go to school together, yeah?”

“Aoi, where is he? Is he at school today?” was the quiet question, droned out in a hollow voice that caused the hair on the back of Ruki’s neck to stand on ends.

“He...he’s down on the first floor, what’s up Hazu–”

“I want you to run, don’t look back,” came the dark statement, and only then did Ruki actually stop to look at the other boy, eyes widening.

Offering no protest the junior dropped his bag drop, abandoning it all together as he ran for the nearest class room.


The sound of approaching footsteps alerted Aoi of another presence. Most likely it was a teacher coming to holler at him for skipping class but it was something he hardly cared for in the first place.

“Yeah yeah, I know I’m ditching, what about it?” the senior snapped, turning sharply with a glare written over his features.

Aoi did not come face to face with a teacher, instead he was faced with the barrel of a semi-automatic pistol and his breath hitched instantly.


“I told you to stay home, Yuu,” the taller boy grit out, eyes hardening as he cocked back the gun’s hammer.

For a long moment the teen was silent, blinking stupidly as he stared into the face of what could be death, “what’s going on? I don’t...I don’t understand...”

“I love you, Aoi... now run.”

As though a demon had stolen his voice the pierced raven shook his head quickly, an alarm began shrieking in the background but it seemingly fell on deaf ears as the school’s lock down process began.

And then... a sharp pain shot through his arm, spreading over his entirely body as he guns trigger was pulled. It had happened so fast the senior forgot to blink and he instead glanced down in shock only to find blood oozing from the fresh wound adorning his limb.

Taking a slow step backwards tears pricked at Aoi’s eyes and he turned quickly, scrambling clumsily down the hall as he clutched at his arm.

Heavy footsteps behind him alerted Aoi; it was a game now with his life offered as the trophy. Panic welled up in his chest and he forgot how to breathe, despite running track all his life it seemed as though he’d forgotten everything.


“Aoi, don’t you want to come out and play with me?” Hazuki called, a sadistic grin playing over his features as he turned around a corner.

It was easy to spot the only other living person whom was still wandering the building, especially when Aoi pounded on the class room door, shamelessly pleading for someone to open the door and save him. But to Hazuki’s annoyance the class room door opened and the other senior messily collapsed inside of the room before the door was once again sealed.


Students huddled together in the corners, hiding under desks and sobbing as their teacher tried to calm the fussy kids.

But Aoi stood, eyes wide as he peered through the glass door. Gun shots shattered the silence often, however the raven let out a breath of relief when he heard a new voice shouting for the gun to be put down.

“Police...” he croaked lowly, standing firmly in place even as the woman, his Freshman home room teacher to be precise, attempted to pull him away to the other side of the room.

It was the debate he heard, promises of things turning out all right, a peaceful ending in which no one else had to be injured and Hazuki’s hysterical voice threatening the man who tried to soothe him.

Yet it was what happened next....


“You don’t understand!”

“Put the gun down!”

Blatantly ignoring the officers demand the tall senior offered a crooked grin, and he quickly turned the semi-automatic, placing the barrel to his temple.

“I have no where left to go,” was the mumbled statement.

A final bang rang through the school building, followed only with a sickening thud as the student’s body collapsed to the floor, his blood and brain matter alike tainting the class room door as Aoi watched with wide eyes.


Tears flowed freely down Aoi’s pale face as he shrieked, throwing himself to the door only to be caught by two of his underclassmen before he was able to throw the door open.

“HAZUKI!” He yelled, voice cracking under the sound of his sobs as he collapsed against the door, all the while struggling, attempting to break from both boys who held him down, “get up! Hazuki.... get up.”


Note: This isn't the challenge I promised De'Shara, whatever. uhm it's a rushed job, I'll do a better rewritten fic of this later but oh well...

It's actually supposed to be choppy too soooo... deal with it.

5th-Dec-2008 06:08 am (UTC)
Wow, this is brilliant. Completely unexpected too, but I like it. =] You forgot to had sex in there but that's okay. xD I really like how this turned out. Good job and thanks a bunch. ^^
5th-Dec-2008 06:12 am (UTC)
Ew your icon... just... ew no. -headshake.-

But lmao yeah, that's what's not in there, which is why I'll probably just do it in another thing...sex wouldn't work in that. D:

Not so cute when you read more than the three lines I show'd you, huh?
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