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Title: Caged Author: Me Length: Prologue.. thing.  Could also be… 
26th-Aug-2009 11:28 am
Title: Caged
Author: Me
Length: Prologue.. thing.  Could also be read as a short oneshot.
Rating: PG-13?
Genre: Drama, AU sort of ITV-set
Pairings: Gara/Jaejoong
Bands: Merry, TVXQ, mentioned Mello.
Disclaimer: In the sidebar.
Warning: No.

Synopsis: “Kim Jaejoong!"

He was trapped, cage in like some sort of wild animal. Yet, no longer could he imagine life outside of his little box of cement and iron. Actually ... he didn't want to.

Each day was always the same as the last, such a dull routine had easily been programmed into his head. It had only been a month and in that time his life had faded. The bright orange coveralls he was forced into for a few hours daily had since lost its hue, melding into his monochromatic world.

"I don't like change anyway," the young man mumbled suddenly.

"Jaejoong," the voice was formal; deep and yet still soft, gentle but intimidating enough that he was afraid not to pay attention. Gara's voice was special, so to speak, and Jaejoong adored yet feared the sound all at once.

Drawing in a deep breath as though to settle the bile threatening to rise in the back of his throat the Korean shifted, curling up on his side, back turned towards the official. He should have stood up, took the few steps across the tiny room and looked the older man in the face, that's what he so desperately wanted to do. However Jaejoong just couldn't bring himself to.

How, and why had he fallen so far? Questions he could no longer answer. Logically, he should have blamed it on his meth addiction, his mind had been shattered because of the drug... but that wasn't quite it. Jaejoong had lost touch with his sanity long ago, meth merely made sure he was put in his place. He belonged inside of a tiny prison cell, waiting for his life to end at 23.

"Kim Jaejoong!" Gara's voice rose, louder and colder that time.

It wasn't until he heard the sound of the door opening that Jaejoong responded. He jumped up suddenly, dark eyes widening in fear as his personal space was invaded, he hadn't expected Gara to walk in, hadn't expected the man to slam him up against the concrete wall so hard that he swore he blacked out for a moment.

Nimble fingers trailed along the length of his arm, gripping his biceps in a hold stronger than the slightly shorter man should have possessed, "o-ow."

"Ow?" Frustration seeped through the official's voice, "I come into work to find you on death row and all you can say to me is ow? How about telling me what the fuck is going on, Jae! I was only gone for a few weeks!"

Never before had Jaejoong seen Gara truly lose himself in rage, and despite the way the other still looked so calm his eyes were wild, bordering insanity, "I... I killed A-Amonn, Gara... I killed him."

His voice had broken as he spoke, tears pricking at the back of his eyes, but Jaejoong couldn't tell why. Maybe because the back of his head hurt and he could feel thick, warm liquid trailing down the back of his neck, maybe he was frightened - no,  terrified to see what would happen next, or perhaps it was his confession... the first time he really found himself admitting what he had done.

To be continued?

Notes: I wrote this up my aunt's house. Uuuhm... it was originally just going to be like a drabble-ish short oneshot thing, but it lines up and fits in with a few other little would-be one shots I'm writing, so it's being but together like some sort of little series type of thing. Each piece could be read as a stand alone though. Not that I need these here. I don't post crack fics in communities lmao.
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26th-Aug-2009 06:25 pm (UTC)
;.; poor 'monny...
26th-Aug-2009 06:37 pm (UTC)
Lmao. He deserved that one. Jaejoong did 'im a favor.

I know your muses well enough. Don't hate. >.>
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