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Pink Lace 
15th-Aug-2009 09:57 pm
Title: Pink Lace:
Author: Me
Bands: TVXQ, Merry, MELLO
Pairs: slight Gara/Jaejoong & Nero/Amonn
Rating: G?
Disclaimer: Yeah, I wish.
Summary: 'Nero-san, if you're listening you look very handsome in pink!'

It had been a long day already for Jaejoong, and while it was always nice to have a break away from home it never made it any easier to pretend he wasn't jet lagged. Just hours ago he and the other boys of TVXQ had been ushered from their plane, shoved into a van and taken to a hotel, all the while having cameras flashed in their faces.

Fortunately, he was free for the rest of it day, and the days following. However, he had already spent the majority of his time sitting with the middle aged woman. Usually in interviews his band mates were sitting around him, it made answering questions easier, and the interview in general seemed less stressful when he wasn't the center of attention.

Although, he was infamous for being a camera whore.

"It's no secret that Tohoshinki is the hottest thing throughout Asia lately," the interviewer began, leaning forwards in a way that suggested she had something important to ask, "you're close friends with Super Junior back home, but while in Japan do you pay close attention to the music scene?"

'Is that it?'
the singer found himself thinking, the world wanted to make a fuss about the music he listened to?

A small smile slipped over his lips as he propped his chin in his hand and for a long moment Jaejoong's mind seemed to wander in thought. By no means was it a difficult question, but what was safe to say?

Drawing in a deep breath the Korean singer nodded against his hand slowly, "of course I do. It's an honor to be accepted by the people of Japan, and as I've come to notice Rock music tends to rule the charts here. Personally, I'm a fan of several artists. I've even had the honor of meeting a few people I look up to."

"Like who?"

It was a question he had already expected really.

"I'm a Merry fan," Jaejoong admit, chuckling quietly, "when we both have the down time I try to get together with everyone."

"And recently?

"Unfortunately it's been a while. However, you will be meeting with Changminnie tomorrow! If I can drag myself out of bed I'm going to try to visit," he rambled, ignoring the 'how exciting' comments directed at him, "I can't wait to see Nero-san again! Last time I was here we went out drinking."

There was a pause, and Jaejoong seemed to debate whether or not to continue, but he quickly decided against it. His full attention was instead turned back to the interviewer, as though willing her to take over.

And picking up on the hint quickly enough she reached out, placing a hand to the center of Jaejoong's back and smiling, "that's all the time we have for today. As you've noticed, Jaejoong-san has mentioned I will have the honour of meeting with Changmin-san tomorrow. Is there anything else you would like to say, Jaejoong?"

The smile that crept over his features was almost wicked, and his doe-like eyes lit up, "ah yes! Nero-san, if you're listening, you look very handsome in pink."


"Do you have a deathwish!?" the annoyed voice practically snarled in his ear, and Jaejoong almost considered hanging up.

"That's not very nice," the pout in his voice was practically audible, "now, much as I would love to argue with you, dearest, my signal is breaking up. Catch you later, bitch."


"So what did he say?" It was Gara's voice behind him, and the drummer grit his teeth, practically crushing the phone in his hand.

Nero didn't care who knew he spent time with a Korean brat, really he didn't. However he did care that Jaejoong didn't understand the concept of boundaries. A typical kid, he had decided, and one who ran their mouth entirely too much.

"You've spent too much time with him, Gara!" Nero snapped finally, throwing the phone at the skinny vocalists head, and grunting in further annoyance when the object was dodged.

When scatter brained Jaejoong could shut him up, Nero suddenly had a problem. Which meant he had a problem with Gara, as the other man obviously had something to do with it.

Silver contact coloured eyes followed his longtime friend and bandmate, watching closely as phone pieces were picked up, then casually tossed into the trash, "honestly Nero, what makes you think I've done anything?"

But the smirk on Gara's face said otherwise.

"Besides," the vocalist continued, "You know what Jae is like - gay as they come. I'm sure he just thinks that you, as well as the rest of the population, would look nice in pink."

"That's not what he meant!"

"Oh?" but Gara received no response, aside from Nero stomping out of the room.


Jaejoong yawned quietly, staring up at the large apartment complex. It looked the same as ever, but something was most definitely off. Of course, he could have broken off into a speech of using the force and his Jedi mind powers warning him of danger, as he had watched Star Wars with Yunho and Yoochun a few days ago. He also knew that Nero had a thing for violence when angry.

"So... if you die," Amonn began, overly chipper sounding, quickly being tuned out by Jaejoong who was already headed into the building.

Behind him the Korean could hear his friend scolding him, something about respecting his elders. Yet as far as he was concerned, a man who acted like a toddler about half the time didn't deserve the respect he preached about.

"Whatever you say, Amonn!" Jaejoong mumbled, impatiently pressing the up arrow of the elevator.


The sound of the door opening instantly caught Nero's attention, and despite telling himself countless times that he would be the bigger person, the changes of that actually working out were slim to none.

It was Gara's soft voice at the door, bickering already with Jae, it sounded like, that brought Nero to his feet.

But when the suspect in question, his own bandmate and his... 'close' friend had actually walked into the penthouse's living room, the drummer felt his resolve shatter. A yelling match didn't seem like such a bad idea suddenly.

"Good for nothing faerie-bitch!" Nero accused, pointing fingers even as he moved, invading the youngest man's personal space, "when did I give you permission to talk about me?"

The way Jaejoong stepped back was almost comical, eyes slightly wide and mouth dropping open in shock. Nero's temper as horrible, but he usually had... at least a little by more self control.

"So I look good in pink now, huh? Who are you to go running your fucking mouth?"

Again he was met with silence, something that almost made the drummer want to question Jae's health. On any other given day he would have been yelling at the time of his lungs, a mixture of heavily accented Japanese, due to anger he figured, and Korean alike.

It was certainly odd, Gara, who would usually jump to the defense of his princess remained silent as well, allowing Amonn to stand behind him like some sort of human shield. Granted, the seething glare from said prince Gara told him someone was ready to snap.

Yet after a few more moment, Jaejoong smiled slowly, "I have a present for you, Nero-chan," he explained, ignoring the suspicious glances he received from all ends.

Reaching into his pocket the Korean pulled out a photograph, although it was folded in half, hiding the image. Without another word the young vocalist held the photo out, tilting his head curiously.

"Merry Christmas," he mumbled, chuckling quietly, along with Amonn in the background.

Taking the offered page, hesitantly almost Nero's silver eyes narrowed suspiciously. What did he want a picture for? Nonetheless he drew in a deep breath, unfolding the page slowly and...


With almost catlike reflexes Jaejoong ducked under the hands that had attempted a grab at his throat, and taking that as his warning the young man quickly stepped onto the couch, jumping over the back and stumbling for a quick second as he scrambled towards the bathroom.

"You're going to fucking die today, Jaejoong!" Nero tossed the photo to the floor and headed after the Korean, only to have the door slammed in his face, yet it didn't stop Nero from nearly taking the door from it's hinges.. or trying at least.

Amonn stood gaping, mouth dropping open as he wanted Jaejoong, followed closely by Nero in direction of the bathroom. However when he turned the ask Gara what he was supposed to do... the older vocalist had disappeared.

It was the sound of laughter that grabbed Amonn's attention next, and he blinked, turning to stare blankly as Merry's vocalist was nearly on the floor, dying it looked like. Then why was he laughing?

"Gara?! Are you alright?" He shrieked, moving to hover over the older man.

But Gara wasn't having a heart attack like Amonn seemed to think, rather than a formal response he held up the item in his hand, Nero's disgarded photo from Jaejoong.

Amonn was surprised to come well... face to photo with Nero. Except he could hardly believe it was Nero at all. The drummer looked like always, expression stoic, glaring really, and yet it was everything else that seemed... unlike Nero. As in... Nero was wearing a pink, lacey bra... and with panties to match.

"So that's what Jaejoong meant," Gara mused aloud, trying desperately to control himself.

"Wait... does that mean Jaejoong watched him change? .... JAEJOONG!" Amonn was shrieking again, but this time for another reason entirely as he disappeared down the hallway, to accompany Nero in an attempted murder, he was sure.

Rubbing his temple as he fell back to sit on the couch Gara crossed one leg over the other. Yet his gaze drifted over to his mobile phone on the coffee table. A text message.

'How soon do you think I'll get out of here?'

Looking up at the clock on the wall a small smile slipped over Gara's lips.

'When do you leave for Korea?'

The phone flashed once again, and this time, Gara chuckled.

'Three weeks?'

Clearing his throat, and setting his phone aside the brunette stretched out across the couch. "Better cancel your flight, Jaejoongie."

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16th-Aug-2009 04:15 am (UTC)
It's all because of that header Dx Fucking Nero.
16th-Aug-2009 04:07 am (UTC)
Wow... poor Jae... ._.
16th-Aug-2009 04:17 am (UTC)
He'll survive. Amonn is incompetent. <3
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