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"I'm not a girl!" [ Ficlet] 
1st-Dec-2008 05:45 pm
Title: "I'm not a girl!"
Author: Me unfortunately
Length: ficlet
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor?
Pairings: Gara/Jaejoong and Nero/Amonn if you squint
Bands: Merry, TVXQ, Girugamesh, Mello
Disclaimer: When I tried to buy Jaejoong on E-bay Yunho outbid me. :<
Warning: ... Kit started this and had me finish it, although it's extremely short. It wasn't MY idea.

Synopsis: “Asshole."

“He looks like one doesn’t he!?”

“HEY! I’m not a girl!”

“Joongie you aren't in this conversation.”

“Well then stop calling me a girl!”

“But seriously Jae... You're too pretty to be a guy.. Is that why you're Gara's bitch?”

"You're Nero's bitch," Satoshi commented, Amonn growled and Nero smirked behind his hand.

“Don't talk to him that way.”

“Why does everyone call me a girl!?”

"Because you're feminine, dear."

“Gara you’re not a part of this conversation either.”

“So what if I’m not, bitch.”


“Guys stop yelling. I have a HEADACHE.”

“Amonn, this is a grown up conversation."

“Shut your mouth Satoshi!”

"I'M NOT A GIIIIRL!!!" Jaejoong yelled once again.

For a brief moment there was silence as the group turned to look at the blonde man who looked to be seconds from attacking someone.

"I hope it's Satoshi...". was Amonn's single thought.

As if on cue Gara moved from his place on the couch glaring at Nero and over to the small Korean, winding his
 arms around the young man's waist as if to restrain him.

Opening the front door and blinking sheepishly to the group of five scattered around the living room Yoochun smiled gently as he unwove the scarf from around his neck, "You guys talking about Jaejoongie being girly again?"

"Park Yoochun you're so dead!"

"I think that's your cue to run," Nero stated calmly with Amonn flailing his arms in an overly dramatic fashion in the background.

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